well designed folder can conveniently store all the necessary information your potential client needs to know about you and what your company has to offer. You can slip in flyers, information sheets and brochures in your folder. You may also add slits for your business card and for a CD or DVD.

What is important is that you have a good designer / printer, not one who can only offer excellent design / printing quality and service, but a printer who has the knowhow on what works and what doesn't work in presentation folders, especially for select target markets.

If your presentation folder is designed correctly and with maximum impact, it can be a great marketing tool that will help you to enlarge your client base and eventually, launch you into the big league.

Don't under-estimate the value of professional folders in marketing. True, the Internet has enabled businesses to reach customers online, but you should go the extra mile and make use of all avenues of marketing and advertising, including business presentation folders. That gives you added advantage, which is what business is all about