In choosing a printer for your envelope needs, it goes without saying that it makes sense to choose a printer who has a track record for excellence. An envelope is the first impression that a client will have when he/she receives your business correspondence. You need a printer that knows how to design an envelope with a professional look that builds up confidence of potential clients and helps maintain your brand identity.

Business envelopes are used to mail flyers, information letters, promotional materials, catalogues, sales announcements, news about events, product launches, customer service communications, donation requests, invoices and bills, among others.

There are ways to make your business envelope stand out. You can play with size, decoration, color, graphics, design, weight, finish, feel and overall look.

At Aldus Printing, we have the expertise to lend you advice on envelope options that would best convey your intention and reach your target market. Our service is impeccable and we would be delighted to help you to reach your business goals.