Brochures are an excellent way to represent your products or services in an attractive, readership friendly manner through excellent design and copy. Brochures allow you to present more detail on what you are offering, and to show the reader why they can benefit from your product or service.

Brochures for marketing and advertising will usually have a cover with a catchy slogan and a list of benefits for the client. Brochures that seek to inform and educate will use the cover to focus on the product/ service and its details. The benefits of the product for the clients is placed on the inside pages.

Will you mail your brochure, distribute it on the streets, leave it on the countertop of your store, or all three? Do you want to consider die cuts or unique folding techniques?

For brochures to really stand out, four colors is the norm. But all your effort will go to waste if the final product is badly designed or printed. Don't take risks in choosing your printer. Go for experience and a track record for excellence. Aldus Printing Inc. has both.

When you make your brochure, you want a designer / printer who knows the fundamentals in maximizing on your brochure to ensure that it performs its purpose.